Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, November 16, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 14

Another great week of amazing investigators, and the city water pump exploded...

Yeah, so Tuesday morning we wake up only to realize that the power was out, but that is fairly normal so we carried on, but it wasn't long before we realized that the water was out as well! After asking around we found out that the water pump to the entire city of padre Bernardo had popped (or better to say exploded) and because of this the power and water went out. So in the end we had to go two days without water!! We took showers by filling up 2-liter bottles with mineral water that we bought and dumping it on ourselves (worse shower I've taken yet on my mission). We thought maybe the town would go all apocalyptic but the water just ended up coming back and everyone lived happily ever after. But the excitement didn't stop there...

Thursday, we finally received stuff for our church. I´m talking 8 nice chapel benches, tables, chairs, cleaning supplies, bathroom supplies, chalkboards, it was amazing. Our church is now just a little more true.

Now for investigators,

This week we taught Uiterson. He is just the coolest. We went over there taught him about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and he just sort of understands things, he is reading the book of Mormon and he believes in it, and he is on date to be baptized December 5th. The cool thing about him is just how smart he is, he´s 17 is educated and has a good understanding of what we are teaching, and in Padre Bernardo that is just a rare occurrence. So we are pretty excited.

Ester has been dropping off a little lately, she's not really willing to make the necessary changes in her life for baptism and, well, she simply doesn't have the desire which is a little sad. But with time desires can change and hopefully she will one day listen to those promptings of the spirit that she has felt.

We also moved another house this week, or I should say we moved the exact same family from the house that we moved them into, into another house... but it was actually really good and you´ll never guess what they're reason is for moving; because they want to be closer to the church. This family literally moved their house because they know how important it is to go to church and partake of the sacrament every Sunday.

Our youth group activity was a success this week, as always, we ended up having another water balloon fight, taught the kids how to make Pão de Queijo, (cheese-bread) and had a good time!

Anyways that’s it for this week, love you all, and stay safe,

Elder Hyer

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