Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, November 23, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 15


So this week, I got to hold an adorable monkey, yes I am starting off with that because it is one of the cutest creatures that I have ever seen walk this planet, but in other news some actual missionary work happened this week.

The week started off really wet, my companion and I are always in the worst places when it starts raining (and I hadn't fixed my broken umbrella from the last rain storm) so we got really wet. But we ended up making it to someone´s house and had a great lesson with João-Viter who is this 17 year old kid who is way cool, we've been working with him this week and I'm excited.

Wednesday we switched companions for the day and I got to work with Elder Deleray, so basically two Americans who struggle with Portuguese were walking around Brasil all day but it ended up being really fun. We taught some lessons and towards the end of the day it started raining like crazy again, and when that happens, the roads in certain areas of the city get really flooded, and Deleray and I were on one side of a road trying to figure out how the heck to cross to the other side without trekking through the deep water. Right then a pickup truck stopped and told us to hop into the bed of the truck, so we did and he took us to where we needed to go, it was way cool; a little miracle to keep us from getting wet.

Other exciting things that happened,
- I sat on Elder Deleray´s bed and broke it completely.
- I saw a really huge grasshopper that looks fake but is real.
- I saw an ostrich.

Oh and Elias, who we have been teaching on and off for quite a while, has now accepted our invitation to be baptized!!! He has a few problems to work on but he is finally ready to change. That is by far the most exciting thing that has happened this week. Truly a great miracle.

Anyways I think that's about it, I love you all a ton. until next week.

Elder Hyer

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