Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, June 1, 2015

WA-TAC Week 3

This week was way way awesome!! I never know where to start with these. First of all I can't believe Jacob Nickerl has his mission call!!  (New Jersey Morristown mission, Korean language)  That's so exciting, and that mission sounds awesome!

There were some emergency transfers this week and we got a new elder in our companionship, Elder Sheehan!!

He is from Layton, Utah, has been out 6 months, he's a way cool guy and it's so much fun having 4 people in a companionship. We just split up everyday.

Our district is really fun, there are 3 other companionships in our district, one of which is sisters. They are all so much fun. P-days are a blast because all of the Elders get together and we just play random awesome games, it's so much fun. Mom I finally got your package, that was pretty awesome.

Sundays here are pretty long, our 2 wards start at 9 and 11 which means we split up and then as soon as the first one gets done we rush over to the other ward, and then if there are any meetings afterwards we stay even longer, but it's also pretty fun.

So here in our area we have been struggling with finding new investigators, we do so much finding with very little success. But we have a few investigators who are way awesome.

One of the only investigators that we have found since I've been here is Thomas, he is such a cool guy who just turned 18. He comes to mutual every week, is coming to church, and all we need to do is finish the lessons with him. He's just been so busy because this week is graduation, but I'm way excited for him.

All of our other investigators are people that have been taught for a long time. We literally have 3 different families that are on the edge of getting baptized but there is just something holding them back, (and some of these people have been taught for multiple years).

So we decided to have a special fast for these people who are ready to get baptized. Within a couple of days we visited Erick and Sarianne who have been seeing the missionariess for years but they were scared to get married. They told us that they decided to get married this month and then he is getting baptized literally the day after he gets back (sarrianne is already a member).

The Gibson's have been ready to be baptized for weeks but they wanted to wait for their friend who never is able to come up for the baptism. Finally she told us that she was getting baptized on the 20th whether her friend comes up or not.

It was amazing how quickly everything changed, there is a lot of power in prayer and fasting.

Anyways, I guess that is about it. I love you all so much,
Elder Chandler Hyer

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