Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, June 22, 2015

WA-TAC Week 6

Happy Fathers day!!, another crazy week come and gone.

First of all we had a baptism this week! actually fix that, we had 3!! Melissa and her two daughters Nikki and Chloe were baptized on Saturday. It was a great baptism and is a fantastic way to finish out this transfer. It's funny how we worked so hard for six weeks and it wasn't until the very last possible minute that we finally got the baptism, the Lord truly blesses us after all we can do. 

On Tuesday we had Zion's camp!! Zion's camp is where all the missionaries get together and go to this camp with a bunch of group activities. For example there’s the trust fall, wire walk, balance log (there’s a picture of all of us balanced on it, we were the only zone to do it with everybody and we blew the record out of the water for our time), there was the wall climb, etc. We did all kinds of really fun stuff with a good meeting at the end. It was a blast. I have such a cool zone. I'll be sad to leave them.

Something funny happened this week, Elder Irava and I were knocking a trailer park, we were having a good time as we knocked on somebody's door. We were standing on this person's doorstep when the door flies open and a lady steps out with a glass of ice water and flings the water all over me (I was the one standing in front of the door). I got drenched with water, right after this the lady yells "Now Leave! Jesus Whores!!" to which Elder Irava said "Is there any service we can do for you?" then she slammed the door. It was so funny, I mean I was pretty wet but we were both laughing pretty hard.

Saturday was transfer call day, so all day on Saturday the missionaries get calls letting them know whether or not they will be staying in their area or getting transferred somewhere else. I was curious to see what was going to happen to our companionship but I was almost positive I was staying in Silverdale because Greenies always stay at least 2 transfers with their trainers, but not me! I'm getting transferred to the Lacey 1st 
& 2nd ward tomorrow in the Lacey zone. I was pretty shocked. I'm getting two new zone leader companions and I'm excited! Elder Marsh and Elder Sheehan are also getting transferred, only Irava is staying in the Silverdale area. My new companions are Elder Ivy and Elder Short. So basically I'm taking this to mean that I've mastered Earth bending from Elder Marsh, Air bending from Elder Irava and now I'm finding two new masters to learn Water and Fire so that I can become the Avatar! I mean that pretty much sums up my situation.
Anyways not much else to say from this week, Our Father in Heaven loves us so much and I can't wait to figure out my purpose in the Lacey area. I love you all so much, may the force and the spirit be with you.

Elder Hyer

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