Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, February 15, 2016

Planalto - Asa Norte - Brasilia Week 4

Missions are awesome but not easy.

So work was a little slow this week, we had some success as always but a lot of times it's just not quite what I want. The other day the mother of one of our progressing investigators, Eliza, told us not to come back, which is really frustrating. But it does happen and we just have to keep on working diligently and have faith that the Lord will bless us with success.

This week we did a missionary exchange where I worked with Elder Viera for a day. It's always fun to spend a day with other missionaries and see how it is that they teach and work.

I bought caldo de cana which is essentially a drink that is made from fresh sugar cane which is pretty good, I quite enjoy it. Also I´m slowly getting addicted to agua de coco (coconut water). It is a delicia!

We didn't have anyone we are teaching at church on Sunday, and Rogelina, our top investigator traveled to Paranoa, so we didn't have a chance to visit with her either.

So if you can't tell, this week was a little frustrating to me but at the same time there are a few things that have never been better.

We have had a few really cool experiences here where during the day after a bunch of our appointments fall through and we are left with nothing to do, and we are feeling discouraged, we say a prayer together. And every time something good happens, sometimes very obviously. Twice this week we said a prayer asking for help, and within a minute we found someone who was willing to listen to our message, and that feels good to know that god is helping us.

I want to bear testimony about scripture study. It has carried me through these last few weeks that are sometimes a little hard. We all hear that to study the scriptures is a commandment of God, but sometimes we do very little about it. But I know that if we can obey this commandment, to not just read a little bit half-asleep but really take a small portion of our day and study, our days and weeks and life in general will go so much better. I know that it has been for me as I've really been learning what it truly means to study the scriptures.

Anyway guys love you all so much, have an awesome week!

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