Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, November 21, 2016

Unaí - Week 21

This week was actually really fun. Tuesday evening we had the Traveling Assistants come and do exchanges with us which was really fun. They stayed Wednesday and Thursday and left Friday morning. The Assistants are Elder Lafaiete and Elder Ribeiro. It was really fun to work with them.

Sunday morning I had the amazing opportunity to go to Paracatu with Elder Archila. Paracatu is a new group of the church that is starting up just like when I was in Padre Bernardo but it is already like a year and a half or so old. But seeing as how they are so small they officially are a part of our branch here in Unai, which means that Elder Archila is also the Branch President of Paracatu. Anyways, ELder Archila had some interviews to do, and President was going to visit so he picked us both up and took us there. Let me just say that the meeting was very spiritual. I guess just the experience in general was really special to us to see such an excited group of new members with an attendance that Sunday of 105 people, truly incredible. So that was neat.

Other than that, we had some sad news Sunday morning when we found out that Jennifer went to the hospital and was there all Sunday. We talked with her mom and I guess she'll be fine but she wasn't able to go to church. So keep her in your prayers that she can heal and be able to go to church this next week.

Not much else to talk about. This morning we all went as a district to the Rio Preto (black river) which was fun, took some pics, I got stranded on a rock, walked até o pó, it was fun.

Anyways have an incredible week, and a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I'll be eating Rice and Beans, woohoo!!!!

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