Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, September 7, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 4

Hey everyone!

This week has been great!! full of excitement!!! and you know just good stuff..

Last week we were knocking doors (or actually clapping our hands outside of the gate, you can´t knock doors because there are no doors to knock on.) and Elder Lafaiete knocks once... no answer, he knocks again... no answer, at this point I´m ready to leave but Lafaiete uses his Brazilian spidey senses and decides to knock again, this time looking in the crack of the gate. We see a little kid looking at us. He tries to hide but at this point we know that there are people inside, so my companion says something along the lines of "can we talk to you guys for a little bit". They tell us to leave. Elder Lafaiete says "let us in we are really cool people" at this point it´s just ridiculous but they let us in and we start talking to them. (It turns out they thought we were Jehovah’s Witnesses and didn't want to talk to us). Anyways long story short two of the daughters, Graziella and Jordana are reading the Book of Mormon, praying and making changes and they are excited to get baptized this weekend.

Something cool about Brazil is the delivery system. Last Monday we went and bought a bunch of stuff (this was the first time I´d been grocery shopping) and it turns out that you just buy all your stuff and then they have a guy that delivers it to your house, so that’s really cool. They also have this American hamburger place that delivers to our house just like a pizza place, it´s way awesome.

The other day I saw monkeys. It was so exciting!! We had just crossed this kind of scary little bridge thing (a 10” wide cement beam that looks like it had fallen across a ravine) and in the trees next to us were like 5 or 6 little monkeys swinging all over the place, it was so cool!!

This week we started mutual activities for the youth here, the first activity was great!! We started out with a spiritual message about making good choices and it went well, and then afterwards we changed into normal clothes and played tons of games with water balloons. We played volleyball where we throw water balloons at the other team with two people and towels, we had relays, and then to end we had an all-out war with two teams and about 150 water balloons, it was so much fun, we were all soaked by the end.

Church this week was great, we only had 31 people attend but overall we are definitely growing which is cool.

Something that I was warned about but wasn't exactly expecting were snakes here in Brazil, and I don´t mean the animal. There are lots of girls here that see a tall American and immediately switch to flirtatious, I want to live in America mode, it´s led to some interesting situations. I was asked last week if I could take this girl back to America with me, that was a shocker, I politely declined, and my companion was no help in the situation, anyways snakes are interesting.

My Portuguese is getting better. It´s an amazing feeling when someone can understand you and you are able to bring the spirit into a lesson in a different language. I love this place a lot. Transfers are next week so some things here could change I´ll let you guys know.

I think that’s it for this week, love you guys, até mais!!

Elder Hyer

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