Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, September 28, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 7

Show de Talentos!!

Holy Cow! this week was so busy.

Tuesday we had interviews with the mission president which meant we traveled on bus just about all day to Ceilandia, but President is way cool so that was great.
Wednesday we had a service project at the house of a lady we are teaching (Jacqueline) where we basically raked her dirt yard of leaves and sticks and put it all into trash sacks (that was some heavy lifting). Then we had a delicious lunch with juice (always juice).

Thursday was our only normal day this week. We worked way hard, we focused a lot on the importance of church attendance with our investigators this week. It paid off because we had 5 investigators at church yesterday which was great.
Friday was kind of crazy. We had the zone leaders come down to our area and we had to do some exchanges, so I ended up with Elder Felix, leading him around Padre Bernardo and to our investigators which was difficult because, well, I don´t quite speak Portuguese yet. But things went surprisingly good and it ended up being really fun. It´s funny how I´ll get with a family and understand literally everything that is being said, and then we´ll be talking with someone else, and understanding is difficult all over again. But mostly it´s going well.
Saturday was great! Flavia and Roni got baptized which was really awesome. (they are the ones that we buy Din-Din from which are like perfect popsicles/creamsicles and they are just so good). Then to end a great day we hosted a talent show here in Padre Bernardo which was just nuts! We set up the whole thing (you can see the pictures). We bought shower curtains for the stage curtains, paid someone to make a cool poster with Michael Jackson, we blew up balloons, and then randomly out of nowhere most of the congregation from Brazlandia showed up (a neighboring town) and so we had tons of people which made it a blast.

As missionaries we did a ton of the talents:
-I juggled raw eggs and for the finale let one drop and splatter (The kids loved it, I got several compliments after from 10 yr old kids)
- Elder Lafiete and I did the cup song together on stage.
- We sang with some investigators of ours the song (the name of the song is "Barquinho" I think).
- Then we did a little comedy act that is really not worth explaining, and then a bunch of talents in between.

So that was a blast, and then Sunday was just generally a good day, we had investigators at church, had some really good lessons with our investigators, and just generally things are going really well.

Love you guys a lot, miss you all, until next week!

Elder Hyer

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