Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 6

This week everyone, was rather great. First of all we have some fantastic investigators.

Elias and Marina continue to be really great, they have their struggles as everyone does, but I've never had an investigator with as many questions as Elias, its amazing He loves the Book of Mormon and really it's just a matter of time as far as baptism goes. It was really cool, the other day we stopped by his house and he was just about to leave with his two sets of twin daughters (its crazy) and he casually told us that he received his answer about the Book of Mormon and he was really excited to talk to us, that was really cool.

Jacqueline is another great investigator. She is the referral of a recent convert we have and she just loved our message. She is an outgoing lady with no kids and is really excited about our message. She reads every time we visit her and is just fantastic. She also really likes to make fun of me because during one of our visits I fell asleep on her couch (I´m pretty much always tired).

We also have Esther who is a single parent with a bunch of daughters. One of them, I think she's 12, well she just loves me because 1- I´m American and 2- I played dolls with her the first time I went over and she was just dying with laughter. They are a really fun family.

Elder Lafaiete and I know the cup song (If you don´t know what that is it's not important) so yesterday at a members house I was teaching it to Maria-Paula (the 11 year old daughter) and Elder Lafaiete taught her friend, and then after about 20 minutes of practice we competed to see who could go the longest without a mistake (Maria-Paula won of course because I am a perfect teacher).

Speaking of teaching, English class went great this week. I taught all of the parts of the body and then a few related phrases.

We had another youth activity which was really fun. We taught all about the Holy Ghost and how he guides us in our lives and then we did a blindfold activity where one of us was the Holy Ghost and one of us was the Devil trying to lead people different ways. Depending on which they chose we either soaked them with a water balloon or they got treats. And then afterwards we had another all out water balloon fight again.

Other than that things are just generally way fun here. This week I got to try two new types of juices which is always exciting (Kale and one other that I can´t remember.)

In any case the work here in Brazil is amazing. It´s funny to see how much fun people have without anything that we would consider to be fun (Although everyone has a motorcycle and I don´t have one of those... I think those are pretty fun.). Also everyone has a bicycle, and really what else do you need? I guess people have more than I thought.

Anyways missionary work is such a blast, even if I don´t know what I´m saying or doing half of the time, but I love you all a freaking ton hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Hyer
This is where we live

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