Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, September 14, 2015

Padre Bernardo Week 5

Oi! Bom Dia! This week has been, well, pretty normal. I apologize in advance for the lack of interesting information but a few really neat things happened.

First of all we have some really strong investigators named Elias and Marina. They are really great. They have this crazy family with two sets of twins all under the age of 4. Elias is really interested, he asks really great questions while we teach him and he is just progressing really well, theyhave a few struggles but it´s exciting to see the changes. Marina is a stressed mother who is open to something more in her life, and we know that the church is exactly what she is looking for.

Other than that things have been a little frustrating. One of our investigators, Jordana, was ready to be baptized yesterday, but her dad had doubts about it at the last minute and she ended up backing out for now. But we´ll continue to work with them, they really are a great family.

Something really great about Padre Bernardo is that people just ride horses around as a normal source of transportation, and the best part is that they wear cowboy hats and even bigger belt buckles while they do it. It makes me so happy because there are literally cowboys that just ride around Padre Bernardo.

Bugs are annoying. We all know this, the bugs here are not as bad as South Carolina in the sense that gnats are not a problem, what we do have is bigger bugs that leave huge red itchy bug bites and it´s way frustrating, but no big deal.

The sun here in Padre Bernardo is insanely hot, I have never sweat this much in my entire life, not much to say there just wanted to complain. But on the bright side, it did rain this week for the first time, or I should say it lightly sprinkled for 15 minutes, but rain nonetheless.

If you can´t tell by the things I´m writing this week was fairly uneventful. What was amazing however was seeing Mazinho and Raimundo receive the priesthood this week. They are one of the few recent converts we have here and it is a huge step for Padre Bernardo. The members here in only a few short months have become some of the strongest members I know who only want to see the church grow here. It is amazing to see and we are working as hard as we can to make that happen. It is truly a great and marvelous work that we are doing here in Brazil and I am learning so much.

That´s it for this week but I love you guys a lot, and I miss you all, Falou!

Elder Hyer

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