Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Unaí - Week 3

Elivan, Arthur, Waterfall!!

Hey everyone,

Unaí is going great! We had some great success this week and we started a few new things.

First of all we started language classes this week, so I am teaching English and Elder Archila is teaching Spanish (of which I am actually learning a lot).

Let's see, our investigators are doing great. Arthur is coming to all the activities and is just awesome. He is also very talented (he is making a legitimate crossbow). His only problem is that he works every Sunday which is keeping him from going to church. But there is a good chance that he could be getting a new job here soon, so we'll see.

Our Other awesome investigator is Elivan. He has come to church the last three Sundays and is loving it. He is currently reading the Book of Mormon and thinking about baptism. Keep him in your prayers that all can go well there.

Other than that, we went to a waterfall this week, I learned how to cook strogonoff, and I love the missionaries here, we have a lot of fun.

Miss you all tons, it's good to hear from you all. Have an awesome week
A small waterfall on the "Rio Preto" near Unaí

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