Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unaí - Week 4

Sweater bet, Elivan, 31 in attendance!!

Good afternoon everyone! I don't have a whole lot to talk about this week but I'll try to think of something interesting that happened.

Honestly the whole week was just normal work, I bought a new bag, we taught a bunch of people and it was good!

Saturday was annoying and hilarious. Annoying because our lunch appointment fell through and we were left scrambling trying to pull together a lunch for ourselves and we all were pretty down and annoyed. But to get ourselves excited we decided to do a bet. We played a round of cards and whoever lost had to wear a sweater in the blazing heat of Unaí for the rest of the day, my companion ended up losing and that was hilarious.

Sunday we had an attendance of 31 people! It is the most it has been in a long time. 30 was also our goal for July so we are here celebrating. Elivan is doing really well, he continues to go to church but is nervous and doesn't feel ready for baptism yet. Pray for him that he can continue progressing

I love you all and hope you all have a fantastic week!
our new district t-shirts (we took a way better district pic but I'll have to send it next week)
we totally found a dinosaur this week in the wild!!
we got acaí which is awesome 
my companion suffering in his sweater

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