Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, July 4, 2016

Unaí - Week 1

So things are great everyone. I would like to first of all thank everyone for the birthday wishes, they were much appreciated.

I am officially in a new area, I was a little sad to leave the amazing members of the Planalto Ward but I've been there for a while and I'm ready for my new area, which is the small branch of Unaí.

Unaí is a smallish city in the state of Minas Gerais (which means I've served in 3 different states in Brasil). The church here is very very small. In fact it's kind of like I'm back in Padre Bernardo except it's not as poor. But the interesting thing about Unai is that it's not a new area, the church has actually been established for like 12 years here, but the area never grew. We have about 10 active members and the rest of the people at church are who we manage to bring. It's not a very high baptizing area, but we're pretty excited to get to work.

My companion's name is Elder Chaucoski, he is Brasilian but the name is polish. He is an amazing guy, teaches really well, and we are having a blast together. This area also has 6 missionaries. Other than my companion and I we have Elder Lucas (Brasil), Elder Archila (Columbia), Sister Heperi (New Zealand, the same sister I served with in Padre Bernardo), and a newbie sister M. De Souza (Brasil)

Anyway things here are great, we cook for ourselves pretty much every day because there isn't anyone to give us food :(. But ya it's fun to cook for ourselves.

Love you all so much, hope you all have a wonderful week. Abraço. Tchau.
Irmão Livio and his family
Gustavo, Sara, and their mom
Me cooking food (fried chicken)
my birthday meal (rice and eggs...😒)
my birthday cake (goiabada, it was amazing..)

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