Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Leaving MTC (Mom Post)

Chandler has had a busy last week in the MTC. His temporary reassignment came Friday.  All that were left in his district that were waiting on Visa's got reassignments.  At this point about half the visa's had come through.  They had a huge class of 14-15 kids normally there is 6-8.  Monday, his last day, there were only 3 of them left in class.  He got a lot of one-on-one time with his teachers and mapped out a detailed study plan to continue his Portuguese.  He will get an extra hour a day for language study while in Tacoma.  

He was super exited to have the opportunity to teach in English for a little while.  He looks like he has put a lot of work into his English Scriptures...so that will be nice to be able to teach from them.

 He was much more excited than his mother was to find out that Mt. Rainier was an active volcano....However it does look like a beautiful place. 

He didn't get his Tuesday Prep. day because he flew out...but we got a quick Mother's Day phone call and a bonus call from the airport this morning.   He couldn't be happier which makes his mom miss him a lot less.  

Lets all add Mt Rainier not erupting to our prayers:)

Chandler's Prep days to email home will go to Monday's and we'll get to go back to hearing from him.  

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