Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Saturday, May 2, 2015

MTC Week 4

Well I made it 4 weeks, or according to Elder Leonardo we only have 100 weeks left on our mission, not sure which is the better way to look at it. :)

Nana and aunt Julie, thanks for the cookies, they were awesome.  I'm still the only Elder in our district to get homemade cookies and they just love them.  Mom, holy cow, that package was insane.  It was pretty hilarious when I opened it everyone was crowding around looking at what I got, ready to mooch (which there's plenty for mooching) and then when they saw it was all organic treats half of them like physically backed away.  I found that to be pretty funny.  Oh and the clown noses were perfect.  But seriously that was awesome.  I'm basically never going to stop eating.  The song Lindsay recorded was awesome I really enjoyed it, you're really talented.

Also I weighed myself the other day and I would like to brag to everyone that I now weigh more than 150 lbs!! so that's exciting.
Everyone ahead of us in our zone left yesterday, we did get a new district of 2 sisters and 2 elders which is fun, and we should be getting another district tomorrow, so that's cool.  We also got a new teacher to replace Irmao (brother) Henry who left, her name is Irma (sister) Cowan, she's super cool.  I'll make sure to get a picture with her and Irmao Read before I leave.

Yesterday I was talking to one of the cafeteria employees at the salad/wrap station (I spend a lot of time there) and he asked me if I knew any Hyer's who had recently completed their missions, I said just my grandparents and when we figured out it was the same people from his mission he was excited.  He said he had dinner with Nana and Grandpa which was pretty funny.  I think he said his last name is Craner or Cramer? something like that.

Anyways this week Vai Sikahema, a stake president somewhere, gave our Sunday devotional which was really good, he was pretty funny.

So here at the MTC they have volunteers who hang around the MTC for the English missionaries to teach and they are all either investigators or new converts.  Elder Bishop and I met this girl named Lisa while we were on splits and set up an appointment.  We went and taught her and it was so cool.  We taught her in English which makes things so much easier and it was really nice to teach someone who wasn't simply pretending to be an investigator.  Sometimes I get a little frustrated with my ability to explain things in Portuguese so it was really refreshing to teach someone in English.

Every week all the missionaries are supposed to write a 5-minute talk in Portuguese and then during sacrament meeting 2-3 missionaries are called up to speak without knowing who it's going to be beforehand.  So far I've dodged the draft but we'll see what happens, it's always pretty scary.

I've been taking a break from family history because I wanted to finish "Our Search for Happiness" which was an excellent book.  Grandma, the family history you sent me is so cool, I had no idea we were related to settlers on the Mayflower, and I love the stories of Julia Rawlins and the car, that was hilarious.

The Field is finally opened up for gym time now that it's warm.  I've been playing quite a bit of soccer (I'm really really bad). Hopefully I can get a little better so the Brazilians don't completely hate me.  The other day we had TRC which is where we teach in Portuguese to members who volunteer.  We taught a newly returned missionary who complemented me on not using Spanish, so maybe I failed those finals for a reason...:)

Sorry not a whole lot more to say, everything is still great on my end, just lots of studying which is a lot better than it sounds.

I love you all so much,
Elder Chandler Hyer

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