Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tacoma Washington Week 1

WOW!  So I don't even know where to start... I guess I'll mention that I'm now here in the Washington Tacoma Mission otherwise known as the WA-TAC, and I am loving it here. 
When I flew in to Washington it was overcast, drizzling, and very green (and vampires were running everywhere! hopefully none of you got that joke). I met the Mission President and AP's who are really cool. Then after some pictures and other stuff I met my trainers, I'm in a trio with two companions. Elder Marsh is from Linden Utah, he is way cool, he works super hard, knows the scriptures front and back, loves to scare Elder Irava, and loves, loves Avatar the last Airbender, so that's fun. I'm also in a companionship with Elder Irava who is actually from Fiji which is cool.
He is way humble, gets scared super easily, but is also just a fantastic missionary, I'm going to learn a lot from both of them. I think the funniest thing is when Elder Marsh and I get talking about Avatar throwing around words like "Earth-bending", "the spirit world", "Iroh", "Aang" and he'll just bust out laughing because it sounds so funny to him, and it's even better because he's just Fijian. But anyways I'm having a blast!!
After I met them they said to me "Okay so the AP (Assistant to the President), will introduce you. Just stand up and stay standing until someone picks you up but just go with it..." I had no idea what to think so I did as I was told.  When he called my name I stood up and a bunch of the Elders did this crazy skit involving the Fijian king, a horse head, and lion king. I wish I could explain it better but I really can't. 

So here they plan out skits for each new missionary lined with a bunch of inside jokes and they're pretty hilarious, I was laughing pretty hard, anyways after that all of the missionaries that are leaving gave their final testimonies intermixed with truly fantastic musical pieces (there are some amazing music directors, and one incredible piano player) anyways it was pretty awesome and then we left for the Silverdale 1st and Brownsville area. (Our companionship covers two wards which can be a little confusing).
That night we went and knocked doors.. in the rain that was fun.
The next day it literally was drizzling all day and we were outside a lot. The mission has a rule that from 5:00 - 7:00 every day the missionaries knock doors. After Wednesday, every day has been sunny and beautiful, it's actually getting to be really nice here, I came in for the perfect time.
So I just want to point out that missionary work is pretty hard. Not physically but because everyone sort of hates you, on Thursday we ran into some really nice people. One of them took a Book of Mormon (this really nice non-denominational Christian lady) and we set up an appointment to meet with her on Saturday. When we went back we found the Book of Mormon outside with a note in it telling us all this stuff about how we are wrong and, well, she didn't like us very much, the note was kind of funny. While that was sad on the other hand we've also had some success. The Svevcheck family (that is spelled completely wrong) are all on date to be baptized towards the end of May, they're an awesome family and I'm pretty excited.
I'm so glad Seth is out of the hospital I was worried about him. Bailey, the Seattle Washington Mission is basically our rival mission :) so that's pretty funny. Your going to love Washington though it is beautiful here, flowers everywhere.
I'm not exactly sure what else to say, it's amazing here. the work is good although I have a lot to learn. I'm still studying Portuguese when I have time but to be honest I'm hoping that I stay here for at least a transfer before I get my Visa but we will see.
Anyways I love you all so much I have so many blessings to be thankful for, we all do. This week I would challenge every single one to you to read your scriptures every single day, even if it's only five minutes. I would encourage you all to start your reading with a prayer, read and think of how your reading relates to your life right now and then do the same thing tomorrow. I promise that you will see immediate blessings from it.
Anyways the Mission is amazing, I'm so excited to be here, love you all
Elder Chandler Hyer

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