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Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Friday, January 1, 2016

Padre Bernardo Week 20

Christmas, apologies 12/28/15

First of all to everyone (especially my loving Mother) I apologize for the lack of pictures recently and not even sending an email last week, things have just been so busy, for the last like 3 Mondays.

But Merry late Christmas to everyone!! I hope your Christmas was as good as mine, (Because mine was pretty dang good). So first I guess I should update you guys on what happened two weeks ago, and it's incredibly simple, 2 things.

1. We found a sweet new investigator named Diuly, she works at the Acaí shop that we go to all the time, and she is way cool, really wants to grow her faith in Christ and seems willing to do her part to find it. So we are really excited.

2. STAR WARS!!! Basically the day Star Wars came out, Elder Deleray and I were just generally pretty sad. One of the member families here ended up watching it and came in the church on Sunday and literally told us every major spoiler in the movie within 2 minutes. I was dying of shock, though I won't say anything here in case someone hasn't seen it, but yeah I'm excited to watch that here in a few years.

And now for this week,

Monday we bused into Brasilia because the next morning was the mission Christmas Conference, which was a blast.

Tuesday the conference started with a great training by the AP's and President, we all had lunch (I at McDonald's here in Brasil for the first time), We had a talent show (our Zone sang a Christmas song) also people are way more talented than I am, and then afterwards the mission president let us all watch the movie "Inside Out" which was pretty good, I enjoyed it.

Wednesday we bused back to Padre Bernardo and was one of our only normal days of work, not much to report there.

Thursday was Christmas eve, which is really where the Christmas celebrations happen here in Brasil. Everyone does secret Santa and everyone opens presents Christmas eve. We did secret Santa (in Portuguese "amiga secreta") and it was really fun! I got colored pencils and some workout shorts, and I gave elder Deleray a cheap Batman mask.

Also I almost forgot that Elder Deleray and I were commissioned to make American cookies to bring to dinner by Irmã Eva.... Let´s just say they looked interesting, really just quite ugly, but people ate them so já erá.

Friday was Christmas. And this Christmas was one of my favorites. I got to talk with my family over Skype which was really exciting, and we all opened our presents from home. One sister hadn't received her Christmas package yet and had nothing to open, and so Christmas Eve we got the Fedex box my parents sent decorated it for Christmas and threw in tons of random stuff for her to open and then wrapped it up, it was pretty funny. Afterwards we and the sisters sang Christmas songs to our recent converts and investigators. But yeah it was a blast.

After that it was just normal work until today. This is getting pretty long so that's it!! I love you guys so much and hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

Love Elder Hyer

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