Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Padre Bernardo Week 22

Sickness, Goodbye Padre Bernardo

Well good day to everyone, this week was really just chuck full of stuff that happened so let’s get started.

Tuesday, Elder Deleray and I went on exchanges together working with his investigators, which was a blast. We got a lot done, and I feel like as two Americans working together teaching we are able to work effectively with our Portuguese at this point and it felt really good! Unfortunately with the other missionaries my companion ended up getting way sick and Elder Peralta spent the whole day in the house with him.

So Wednesday comes around and my companion is even worse, pain in the body, headache, tired, just not good. So I end up staying home all day with him, which was ok. I got some stuff done (cleaned our kitchen which was a wreck) all and all pretty good but also unproductive as far as missionary work goes.

Thursday my companion was still sick, and so in order to get me out of the house I went working with Elder Peralta in my area which was really enjoyable, we taught some great lessons, and I had some good spiritual teaching experiences with him.

Friday Elder Valerio finally got back to working, but that day we also had a decent amount of appointments fall through. So in the end we were walking by the city orphanage and decided to give it a visit. That was actually pretty sad and kind of an eye-opener. These kids, before we even had a chance to say much at all, swarmed us as we sat down, just hugging us, showing us their toys, just the nicest kids, way sad as well though. We ended up sharing a simple message, gave them our pass-along Jesus cards, (which they loved!), and left after a little bit. The saddest part is that most of these kids have parents in Padre Bernardo who just bring them there because they can’t take care of them which is just awful.

Saturday was normal, nothing too crazy to report.

Sunday was full of ups and downs. Church was frustrating because our Golden Investigator Diuly didn't show up to church, but we got over there that night and found out why she didn't come and then had a very spiritual lesson with her. She told us yesterday that she is going to pray about being baptized on the 16th of January and told us she would tell us her answer today, so wish us luck as we go talk to her tonight!

This will probably be my last email from Padre Bernardo, I've had six months here and generally that’s the max time a missionary stays in one area, I'll find out for sure Saturday. I'll be way sad to leave this blessed area that I've literally worked in the entire time I've been in Brasil. They say that the first area is the hardest to leave and I'd have to agree with them. I have grown so much here and I've had the pleasure to spend the entire six months with Elder Deleray, and that just doesn't happen, I'll let you guys know next week what happens, love you all, have a good week, tchau!

Elder Hyer

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