Elder Chandler Hyer

Elder Chandler Hyer
Elder Chandler Hyer

Monday, January 4, 2016

Padre Bernardo Week 21

Blue Parrot! Missionary Work, Ano Novo!!

Boã tarde todo mundo! Welcome to the brief recap of the amazing week of Elder Hyer. To start today's adventure, I would like to show you all the amazing Parrot I found the other day walking around town. (pic below)

So we were a little early for our appointment and decided to walk down the street a little ways to kill some time, and we found this way cool bird! It came really close and wouldn't fly but came right up to us, really neat.

So that happened Tuesday and after the parrot experience we arrived at our appointment with Diuly (pronounced Julie) and man was that amazing. Diuly is a girl we cantacted at the Açai shop where we frequently buy juice and such and she is awesome! Diuly is a single mom who just wants more faith and is willing to do anything to gain that faith. She came to church this week and is just amazing, she has a date to be baptized 16th of January. I´m so excited.

We also had Guilherme this week at church with his grandma, he is a 10 year old kid who loves church and the missionaries. His grandma doesn't have quite as much interest but doesn't seem to have any problem with the church. We are hoping to baptize him as well in the coming weeks.

Ano Novo (New Year) was fun, well to tell the truth work was pretty slow that day as everyone seemed to be leaving to some other place right as we would arrive, but we stayed up until midnight from the window of our church (which is part of our house) and watched the firework show, reflecting on 2015 and what it's going to be like to spend the entire year of 2016 in the mission field.

All in all a great week that ended with our zone activity (volleyball, futbol, and a little pool) it was a good time.

Anyway, love you all and hope you have a decently okay week.

Elder Hyer

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